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Dynamic wheel of life is for you to experience and manifest emotional, mental, physical and spiritual wellness. The company promotes the idea of holistic approach towards life through Hypnotherapy, Counseling, Nuerolinguitic Programming, Angel Therapy, Chakra Healing, Sea Healing, and Elemental Healing.
All above mentioned healing programmes are done in form of one to one session, workshops, retreats and certification courses all over India and abroad. All issues related to three aspects of Life, health, career and relationships can be sorted out through these healing sessions and workshops.
The company promotes the idea of healing through mind. As it is said that our mind has power to make us or break us. Whatever we are going through in our current life and situation, the destiny has very little to do with it. It is our mind, the sub conscious mind which creates that environment. As it is beautifully said by Stephen Richards, “the discontent and frustration that you feel is entirely your own creation”. It is true. Our mind is responsible for all what we go through in life. If we are not happy with our health, relations and finances then we need to change the patterns of our mind. Through intensive sessions and workshops of hypnotherapy it is being done successfully at Dynamic wheel of life.

We work with clients from all walks of life. We have corporate, doctors, teachers, housewives, trainers, bankers, personalities from films and T. V., airline professionals, and students. The Dynamic wheel of life is dedicated to make lives better of all our brothers and sisters who feel that time has come for them to have a better life. We all deserve it.



Rama Awasthi is a Hypnotherapist and Counselor. She is practicing in Bangalore. She conducts workshops and sessions for the corporate, Govt officials (forest officials and police officials) and individuals. She works with police department, teachers, bankers, Government bodies and officials, T.V. and radio artists. She writes regularly in leading newspapers and health magazines like Times of India, Economic Times, Speaking Tree, Deccan Herald and Stay fit. Her main area of work is emotional wellness, psychosomatic diseases and relationship counselling. Hypnotherapy provides an integrated approach towards life, helping an individual to do better in all three aspects of life, health, career and relationships.

Unleash the power of subconscious mind and let the magic enter your life.

It is said that our subconscious mind decides our destiny. The programming of our sub conscious mind decides the quality of our life up to large extent. The programming of our sub conscious mind reflects in all our surroundings, our personal life, professional life and health. It is very difficult to bring a positive change in life without addressing the sub conscious mind. The Hypnotherapy is the best way to reach our sub conscious mind and to make desirable changes there. This workshop is designed to understand the concept of subconscious mind and techniques to change its programming.

Dynamic wheel of life presents an interactive emotional wellness workshop for officials that helps them in :

  • Addressing their issues related to health career / finances and relationships
  • Discussing the techniques that help in addressing psychosomatic diseases like sleep issues, migraine and digestive issues
  • Understand how the subconscious mind / dormant mind works and how important it is for our overall growth
  • An introduction to hypnotherapy
  • Inner child integration

Dynamic wheel of life works closely with

  • Karnataka Police
  • Forest officials, Karnataka
  • Government Banks
  • Radio Fever 104
  • Non Government Organizations



“I wanted to meet a good hypnotherapist for quite some time. Reasons were plenty and I almost reached the point where I didn`t know anything about myself anymore. With depression eating me out everyday and problems keeping me busy, I had no happiness left. I decided it was time to seek help and that`s how I met Rema.
It`s been an amazing journey…and I`ll remain grateful to her forever.
Today my life has changed dramatically.I`ve understood myself like never before and she made positive changes in every areas of my life .Today I`m at my happiest state of mind..and i can never thank Rema enough for that. She never forced me into anything but was always there to check out how I am coping up after each session..always guided and supported me through and through. That was the best I like about her. She never forgot me:) Even after all these months,she never fails to check on me…
I`ll always remain grateful to you..U showed me the way…when i was lost…If everything is well today, it`s only because of you…
Thank you so much.
Wishing u all happiness and Good life.”


“Like most people out there, initially I was a bit skeptical about embracing hypnotherapy. However, after a few sessions with Rama mam, I am so happy that I got over my reluctance and underwent this relaxing therapy because the results are amazing. Hypnotherapy is a simple but effective way to overcome addictions or disruptive habits. Addressing our subconscious mind has a powerful impact on our ability to control habits that upset our lives to a very great extent. One of the important benefits of hypnosis include putting to rest all doubts and fears persisting in the minds of people, thus helping the body to heal by itself. Given that there are no medicines involved, can be used on people of all ages and can also be used to treat physical and psychological problems. I recommend hypnotherapy sessions with Rama mam for any person who wants to change his/her behavior, habits, life style, thinking patterns, etc., in order to understand his/her life purpose and to live life lighter and happier!!!”

Meena S

“Rama Awasthi is an authority in the field of healing and hypnotherapy. She has helped me turn around my life. Her approach is very professional and she makes you feel at ease during the whole process.She has this knack of not sounding condescending. Instead she leads you on the path of self discovery. The impact of her healing has an impact on every aspect of our life. Special mention must be made of her healing the inner child within us as well as her assistance in us being able to manifest joy and happiness and once she clears our old baggage and sets us on the path of abundance, there is no looking back.For me, the change has been dramatic. I would recommend her to any and every person(like I have been doing) and wish her a lot of joy and happiness in this noble cause. Lastly, thank you Rama for everything.”

Ravish Suvarna

“When one reaches a point in life where nothing or no one seems right, I believe we should be strong enough to accept the truth that we need help. I was pretty unsure how meeting Rama would help me, but I knew I needed to. So, today, after having met her i have met a new and stronger me who is confident, optimistic and above all who has self respect and ability to see and accept good and bad as they are. I am ever so grateful to Rama for being what she was and helping me through my rough patch. I strongly recommend troubled souls like i was to take help and I, for one, will suggest you can safely bet on person like Rama. Thank you again Rama, may you be blessed with all best things in life.”


“I was suffering from many problems like stress, anxiety and relationships issues coupled with loneliness. I was going through a very bad phase of life when a friend recommended for rama. I took an appointment with rama for the sessions and went to see her. I can say that sessions were / are turning point in my life. I am leading a peaceful and happy life and I am content I can say that I am a better person too. My message is if you need help in life then never hesitate in taking help, just go for it. I suffered for long time before I took help, I could have taken it earlier.”


“Meeting Rama has been the turning point of my life. I went to her for relief from severe physical pain (spondylosis and polyarthritis). Not only has my pain disappeared, but my entire life has turned around. Believe me, it was very very hard to accept something like hypnotherapy and healing and I am certain that had I not been desperate due to pain, I never would have considered something like it. The best part is you don`t have to believe anything – you just go with the flow and see where it leads you. Nobody is judging you and nobody is controlling you. For a skeptic like me, that is a major selling point! Also, all of it is very practical – stuff that you can do – a simple, practical way to be your own original self. So it doesn`t matter whether you are a theist or an atheist or an existentialist or whatever – just give it a shot. It works! :)”

Gayathri Menon

“I was in a career and personal crisis when I went to Rama .Now ,I possess a clarity and purpose in life which previously was majorly muddled and laborious.I am on track towards a professional life that is fulfilling and simultaneously help tide over my personal issues.I am wholeheartedly thankful to Rama for turning my life`s course around to a gentler sustaining flow.There are many instances in my everyday life that resonates Rama`s healing .Thank you,Rama.”


“Thank you Rama for helping me focus on my strengths and improving the situation. To concentrate and work on myself instead of worrying about the family members and most importantly you made me realize that we cannot control our environment & situations in life, only thing what we can do is respond positively and move on. When we are happy and peaceful we impact our environment positively.
Thank you once again:) God Bless you.”


“Visiting Ms. Awasthi was one of my wisest decisions. She helped me understand my need to be independent thus helping me make an appropriate decision about my career. She was very helpful in instilling lot of positivity in me, helping me in looking at my life with the same attitude. I am very thankful to her for hearing me out and helping me out with the right career decision.”


“After the sessions with Dr.Rama, I really feel confident. Realized my dreams & ambitions. Time management. Have stopped interfering in my brother`s life, which in turn have actually helped him to come out of his problem. The actual problem got fixed as Dr.Rama treated him via me. We both are happy today and concentrating on our lives & dreams. Thank you so much mam.”


“The stress levels of working in the IT sector was so overwhelming, when I decided to seek help from Rama. The clear, practical and logical way in which she zeroed in on my core issues was eye-opening. There is so much of self-understanding that I have gained through Rama for which I am always thankful. I genuinely hope her gifts of healing touch more lives.”


“I was addicted to too many things like smoking, chewing tobacco.. After taking sessions from Dr RAMA AWASTHI all my addictions have completely vanished. Words cannot express my gratitude to you, and how you have touched me and helped me to become more of myself.. Thank you so much for all your support and gratitude.”


“Meeting Dr. Rama has changed my life for the better. After the sessions I am able to face life with confidence and positivity both on the personal and professional fronts. Would highly recommend Dr to anyone who wants to change their lives around. Thank you Dr for everything.”


“Greatly benefited for my problems of insomnia, body pain and breathlessness connected to my health condition, progressive systemic sclerosis after undergoing hypnotherapy under Dr.Rama Awasthi. Hypnotherapy do help in solving physical ailments.”

Chithra Sandeep

“In life when there was only darkness and then you came as light. Today my perception of life has changed.. I look at it with more love,warmth and compassion. Finally I am healed. Thanks to you and may god bless you.”

Fouzia Tanveer

“Hypnotherapy sessions with rama helped me in my sleep problems and my health career and relationships are working very well. Rama is very professional and skilled in counseling and hypnotherapy.”

Srushi M

“After the sessions I feel empowered. I have realized my capacity to think constructively and find a holistic view of the situation. I have started channelizing my creativity in the right direction.”


“After having sessions with Rama I am feeling far better in all aspects of my life. My health is better and my career is going very well. Also, finding myself steady with my relationships.”

Ria Dinesh

“Therapy with rama helped me in making my relationships work better and also helped me in my sleep problems. I am leading s far better life after ta king therapies from Rama.”


“After having sessions with rama my life changed completely. I was able to sort out my relationships and focus on my career which is going very well now.”


“Addiction issues has worked very well with her counselling and solving the problems at root level.”


“Very Good”

Reena Yadav

“Excellent service.”



Harika Reddy