Good Parenting

Help your child grow up to be a healthy and happy adult, advises wellness consultant, RAMA AWASTHI

Whatever we are carrying in our subconscious mind reflects in all areas of our life — and shows up in our health, career and relationships. The programming manifests itself in different patterns and these go back to our childhood. Parents play a lead role in this programming because children are extensions of their parents and have a natural bond with them. It is important to understand that subconscious programming cannot be taught, but is absorbed by the child.The consciousness of the parents, their state of mind and their belief patterns are the main factors.Consciously,we might want to do the best for our children — and for many of us, that is the reason why we work so hard.We all want our children to lead a good life but somewhere along the way, we forget the most important factor for a good life — the subconscious mind. There are a few tips for couples who have young children that can help your child grow up into healthy and happy adults.You can help your children, as far as possible, so that they have a life which is stress and anxiety free.

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