Emotional Inheritance

Many times we come across people who carry unexplained anger, sadness and hatred in their personalities and lives. The word ‘ unexplained’ means here that anger, sadness and hatred present in these people has no reason to be there in their lives. We call these people bearer. They bring along with them the unseen big bags of all those negative emotions that creates havoc in their own lives and in others lives too. They distribute the content of these bags to others around them when they find it difficult to carry it, hoping to feel or be light, but alas, that does not happen. They distribute it successfully to others but are not able to feel lighter, instead, the burden keeps increasing, that means anger, sadness and hatred keep increasing in volume. The more they give it to others, stronger becomes its hold in them.

There are two occasions we meet these bearers, either they are our near and dear once, or, they are in our lives in some or other authoritative manner, means we are dependent on them is some or the other way.

If we come under the first category then we are at a position to help the bearers. We can do this by practicing compassion, giving them the right advice and helping them in getting right professional help. Sometimes we are successful in our efforts upto some extent, sometimes not.

If we belong to second category then we are in a bit tricky situation. When bearer happens to be in a authoritative position then we need to help ourselves more, instead of helping them. It is actually a very important life lesson in one’s life to be in a relationship with a bearer who is an authoritative figure in your life, for example, in childhood your parents, or in later stages your boss or dominating spouse. Worst can be having a bearer who is your mother. In different words, second category emphasize where we are not able to help these people directly, but we can make earth lighter by helping ourselves first in this condition. If we belong to second category and decide to handle an authoritative bearer in our life then definitely life presents us with beautiful gifts and opportunities. having a powerful bearer teaches us to be stronger and to be a wise investor as far as energy is concerned.

First we need to understand the dynamics of bearers and their burden that they are carrying from ages. The burden of negative emotions is like a inheritance. We inherit it from our parents and forefathers. It comes to us passing from generations. That is why being aware of patterns, traits and illness/accidents in our family tree is very important. In India we have a tradition of remembering and offering gratitude to our ancestors. The basic reason behind this tradition is keep from negative patterns, sickness and accidents in the family. It is also a way to acknowledge and appreciate what our ancestors have done for us and also to offer thanks to those ones whose efforts have gone unnoticed by the family in past.

Every act of unkindness, discrimination, taking someone’s efforts for granted and being thankless in a family tree matters. Consequence of such acts are very well shown in a family dynamics. The unexplained anger, sadness and hatred are seen in bearer is an outcome from egoistic and unkind acts done in our previous generation. Also there are some people in family who are too loud in their expressions. These loud expression are shown through their work, their choices in life and also in their verbal behaviour. Then, in order to balance the dynamics of a family there are people in same family who are mute in their expressions. Their mute expressions are very well shown in fears and compulsive behaviours they have. Both, the loudness and the muteness remain in the family through the generations to come. So, when you find the bearer in your life is spreading sadness then the chances are there that the sadness in fact belongs to someone else, either in his/her family or was picked up from someone else (in the same way you are picking it now) the person who is trying to give it to you is just a bearer.

When we are aware of our family tree and ancestors then we can relate to these patterns very easily. Many negative patterns can be sorted out just by acknowledging many efforts of our family members (who are either live or have passed on to other dimension) that have gone unnoticed in your family. Just check if there is an unexplained frustration in and around you in your family set up. In families sometimes we talk about the those far living relatives or the relative who have passed on to the other side, who have spent a frustrated lives. Their frustration is shown in different ways through their behaviour. That means in this family somebody’s efforts have gone unnoticed by other family members and that person’s efforts was taken for granted. Unacknowledged effort can lead to frustration in that person’s life. This person tries to get rid of frustration by giving it to others ( by creating frustration in other family member, mainly his/her children or someone whom he/she can dominate). This is a very common way of getting rid of any emotion that makes us feel bad. From here starts a chain of frustration in the family. The more we pass it on others, heavier it becomes in volume.


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