It is said that a good sleep is important for a good health. An adult requires 6 to 8 hours of deep sleep every night. A good sleep is just as important as eating healthy and exercising. A good sleep improves our immune system and brain function. It reduces the heart related risks and improves the digestive system.

Unfortunately now a day’s people are sleeping less and the quality of sleep is not as good as it used to be in the past. In this fast moving corporate era people find it very difficult to have a good sleep. As a result psychosomatic diseases like stress, migraine, BP related issues are on rise. It is disturbing people’s emotions also and causing anger, depression and mood swings.


  • CREATING A HARMONY BETWEEN BODY AND MIND: It is important to create a harmony between body and mind to have a good sleep. Generally, our body is tired when the night sets in but the mind is very active because of gadgets. Many of us have a habit of watching T.V. till late night or being active on social media. That increases the brain frequency and that doesn’t allow having us a good sleep. This is a situation where body wants to rest but mind, being active, refuses to cooperate. Having late dinner also causes disturbance in sleep. Heavy and late dinner makes the digestion process very heavy and body has to work a lot. When body is working from inside it is difficult to have a good and sound sleep.
  • ENOUGH SUN EXPOSURE: our life style now days are so that stops us from having enough sun. We live in high rises and travel in air-conditioned vehicles so that goodness of sun never reaches us and that causes vitamin D deficiency and as a result we have disturbed sleep. Make it a point to be in sun directly for some time every day. The vitamin D is socked through the eyes so make it a point to remove your specks or contact lenses while you sun yourself.
  • CALMING DOWN THE BRAIN FREEQUENCY: it is important to calm down the mind before we go to our bed. In other words, we need to give up all work related stress before we go to bed. That can be done through various ways. Listening to music that is based on natural instruments (like flute) calms the frequencies of the brain. Also, having lukewarm milk half an hour before bedtime is said to have good calming effect on brain.

Following these tips are helpful in having a peaceful night sleep and that further helps us in maintaining good health. A good sleep is important to have a balanced life.

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