Overcome your negative traits.

Alternative healer and clinical hypnotherapist Rama Awasthi suggests ways you can get rid of negative thoughts and feelings in your life.

When life seems to be out of sync, then we need to check which emotion is controlling our lives. Our emotions stem out of our subconscious mind and we are usually never aware of them on a conscious level. In fact, negative emotions within us attract more negativity into our life and we need to consciously work on the feelings behind these emotions to rid ourselves of the subsequent mental blocks that we might develop because of these emotions.

Are you battling with the following negative traits? Rejection: When this is your overriding emotion, you might feel rejected and unwelcome, filling you with a sense of fear. This will prevent you from utilising your full potential and your talents will remain hidden. Replace this negative feeling of fear with self-love for yourself. Practising self-respect is a very powerful tool to feel a sense of belonging with others. Feeling of lacking something: If you feel you lack things in life, then you tend to become stingy with even what you do have.

This eventually squeezes all of life’s beauty out. This behaviour stems from a deep sense of insecurity as you believe that good things are scarce and reserved only for a few lucky ones. Make a conscious effort to get rid of your insecurities and you will see life changing around you. Have faith in your own abilities. Unproductivity: If you feel unproductive, it could be because you have allowed yourself to be overwhelmed by accumulated guilt and shame. Subconsciously, guilt gobbles up creativity and eaves a person with limited choices. leading you to act only when absolutely necessary. You will find no point in trying out different things or experimenting with life. Feeling of victimisation: Do you often feel victimised?

Life can be quite disastrous if this feeling is not handled properly. People who think this way subconsciously enjoy being victims and attract events and people who add to such feelings. Such feelings come when you are angry all the time. To reduce your anger, try and develop feelings of compassion for others. Practising forgiveness might not sound appealing or fair to you, but this is a powerful way to overcome feelings of anger.