Hypnotherapy has an Answer if Stress is Weighing on You.

Stress is a state mind of mental Dad Emotional string resulting from demanding or unwanted circumstances. It affects all age groups and is there everywhere in working or non-working class Stress Is Something which causes lots of psychosomatic diseases Like insomnia, migraine, hair loss and heart-related problems. It causes negative emotions like anger to popup. Working on stress alone helps a lot in these diseases. Stress requires proper handling because working alone on these diseases doesn’t help much. A stressful life can cause lots of turmoil in our work field and in family life too. We need to work on stress at the root level so that peace in life can be ensured.

There Are A Few things we need to know before we decide to work on stress. First Of all, we need to recognise the source of stress cause most of the time we carry stress from others. Unknowingly we carry others stress and that causes energy drainage in us. We can take children’s example here. Studies Say that children are under lots of pressure and stress nowadays but there is actually no reason for them to be under stress. They carry it from their parents. The same thing happens with friends, colleagues. Unknowingly and unintentionally stress transfers to others.

Also, there is conditioning of mind. If our Subconscious mind is programmed with the hurry-worry syndrome, we become vulnerable. Being vulnerable here means being open to stress. Then any trigger of even a small or un-important event or news can cause us stress. The subconscious mind is programmed in our childhood. If in your growing years you have been in a stress environment, the chances are there that you’re open to stress.


Hypnotherapy Address Your subconscious mind. Most Of us do not know that the subconscious mind cannot analyse. It Doesn’t know that stress is harmful. It works on the basis of feelings. If it has a programming where it feels at home with stressful life then chances are there that we keep encountering stressful people and events everywhere. Our conscious mind, being analytical, knows about all the harm a stress full life can cause. But the subconscious mind is more powerful than the conscious mind. So, Knowledge And will power do not help much.

Hypnotherapy helps in recognising the source of stress (as I said earlier most of the stress does not belong to us) and heals it radically. It enables us to be emotionally strong not to pick up negativity from others. Also, it helps in changing the programming of the subconscious mind. Once the programming changes, we move into a new direction pf healthy and peaceful life.

Rama Awasthi, Hypnotherapist and Wellness consultant based in Bengaluru.