Anger is a negative emotion which hampers a lot with our growth in life. Accumulated anger within us can result in unwanted circumstances on physical, mental, and emotional levels. The only thing we can do with anger is to deal with it scientifically. Human tendency is like this that we are reluctant to deal with the things which are not visible. Since we cannot see anger, we often spend our energy in handling the ugly outcomes manifested by our anger rather than dealing with it on the root level. Anger can be healed on the levels of its origination

Being involved in meaningful work helps in reducing anger. Often in life we tempt to act on borrowed ideas, which certainly do not approve our own creativity and emphases more on general guidelines of a fast paced competitive world, which often results in a lifestyle full of hurry and worry. Such lifestyle has a limited approach because it has very less use of our creative right brain. Lack of creative experiments leads us to a state where there is no fun and life is not meaningful. When we remain in meaningless zone for a long time, then anger creeps in. We can check with ourselves if we are being unproductive in life. If it is so, then we can work on our routine in such a way that it allows us to be creative.

Working on relationships is one more way to overcome anger. Turbulent relationships, weather in past or present have a lot of impact on our subconscious mind. If you feel that you have witnessed hurting or dominating relationships (specially in childhood) then there are chances that you have accumulated anger within you, which, after a certain age starts showing outburst, leaving you (and others too) wondering what is causing this anger. Working with those negative effects of past relationships is known as ‘INNER CHILD HEALING’ which is very effective in releasing anger.

There are certain other tips we can use to maintain our calm. If you feel that you have to find reasons to express your anger that means you are enjoying the anger on sub conscious level. When reasoning follows the anger you can use power of affirmations to heal this situation. Since our sub conscious mind is active when we are falling asleep (when we are just about to sleep) it is the best time to use affirmations. Just before sleeping affirm to yourself ‘I AM PEACEFUL’ twenty or more times. Within a few weeks you will see a change in your temperament.