In the description of Atlantis (the legendry, probably mythological continent which was prosperous, beautiful and had a very rich culture and it sank into Atlantic Ocean long ago) it is mentioned that during the golden period of Atlantis, every kid had three pets. A dog, to help kid reach school, a cat, to help kid learn independency and a rabbit who used to play with the kid. The atlantians believed that having a pet is very important in development of children to grow into nice human beings. Even today it is true. Studies and researches say that people who grow up with pets (or are connected with animals) are lesser prone to heart diseases in comparison to those who did not have pets as kids. But it is sometimes not possible to have a pet because of space and time restrictions. What we need here is to help ourselves by being connected with animals even if we do not have a pet. So it is not only about having pets. It is about how we are connected with the animals and birds and that has a healing effect in our emotional growth.


  • The unconditional love of animals helps us to grow into a compassionate human being. It helps us open our heart chakra, so that we learn how to give and receive love. Most of the relationship problems stem out from blocked heart chakre. By being connected with animals we help ourselves in our relationship area.
  • Company of animals (even for less time) cleanses our aura from negativity. Sight of a playful kitten or a busy squirrel has a very healing effect on our stressed nerves. It is said that animals absorb all the negativity from a person like a sponge and what interesting is that they do not get affected by this. Their egoless mind helps them remain calm.
  • Being with animals or birds relieves us from the pressure of conversation, because the animals are non judgmental. You would never be bothered about what a dog might think of you or how a cat will rate you. This helps us putting our masks away which we wear often to sound perfect to others. The total acceptance from animals teaches us to be more generous in life.
  • The company of animals is very helpful for sad and withdrawn peoples. Studies say that apart from medical or alternative help, being with animals is also a very helpful tool for a person to open up so that possibilities of a meaningful life grow more.


People find it difficult these days to have time for their responsibilities and own self. Having a pet is an added responsibility which not everyone would willing to have. But there are different ways you can get connected with animals. A few tips are here:

  • FEEDING: make a habit to feed a few animals on a regular basis. Squirrels, pigeons and cats are found everywhere including compounds and apartments. Offering water to the birds (by keeping a bowl full of water, of course at a convenient place) is a good idea. Now a days ‘BIRD’S FEED’ is available at pet shops. You can hang it if you have an open balcony. Lots of birds will get attracted towards it.
  • OBSERVATION: Observing animals helps open the throat chakra which makes you more expressive. When time allows you with an opportunity, just observe the movements of a cat, or a bird looking for food or a dog in an alarmed position. Apart from making you more expressive, it works like a stress buster too.
  • CREATING A BOND: you can create a bond with the animals in your environment by talking to them and giving them name. If you see a particular cat or a dog, or a bird on regular basis then give it a name and talk to it. After a few days practice you will start understanding their language.

All this works best when the animals are in their natural habitat and not captive. So, express your love and acceptance towards the children of mother Earth

BY : Rama Awasthi
SAHHEAL Healing Consultant