People find it hard to work on their weight issues because their tendencies drag them back to their old patterns of their life style of ending up at junk food and not finding time for exercise. Struggling with the weight issues alone does not bring satisfactory or everlasting result until we work on our tendencies that are responsible for our eating habits and sedentary life style. There is something which makes us attracted towards the wrong foods and sedentary life style. The same factor makes us feel good when we watch T.V. rather than having a brisk walk. These are our patterns or tendencies which are stored in our sub conscious mind. It is quite difficult to handle weight issue without working on our sub conscious tendencies. Trying to reduce weight without addressing the sub conscious mind is like making changes in your appearance by working with your reflex ion in the mirror and not with yourself. When we address our sub conscious mind then not only we reduce weight successfully but also maintain it further.

Following tips can be helpful in reducing weight because they are meant to make the process of dieting and exercise easy and interesting so that weight reduction is faster and a fun and also permanent in nature.

  1. According to your age, height and weight prepare a plan for yourself to reduce the weight. Just take care to be little practical. For example if you intend to reduce thirty kilos within a month by avoiding all sorts of foods then there are chances that your weight reduction plan (WRP) will lead you to disappointment and also health problems. So be wise in making your WRP.
  2. Second step is to ask yourself why you want to reduce the weight. Though it might sound crazy but the answer to this question only decides your chances of success in your WRP. Psychological researches have revealed that people those who wanted to reduce the weight in order to get approval from others are less likely to achieve their goals. What important here is that those people were consciously not aware of this fact. Most of us do not know what is deeply buried in the depths of our sub conscious mind. But people who wanted to reduce their weight because of their own concern of their health and energy level have more chances to not only reduce weight but also to maintain it in future without any difficulty. You can take ten minutes time to be quite and find out with yourself which category you belong to? Self questioning is very helpful in finding out the fact. Shift your concerns (if needed) from others to your own self.
  3. Now at the third step you need to do a little bit of mental work which is quiet interesting. You have to trick your sub conscious mind. Once your sub conscious mind accepts you with your reduced (desired) weight then all the craving for junk food will disappear and also your energy levels will go high to lead an active life. It can be tricked easily because it is not analytical. Automatically, you will start finding time for exercise and that to with lot of interest. Visualization and imagination are the powerful tools to work with your sub conscious mind. As said by Einstein, “imagination is far better than knowledge”. So imagine yourself with your desired weight every day, especially before falling asleep because this is the time when our sub conscious is very active and receptive.
  4. At the fourth step you need to be more familiar with yourself. Our state of mind is very important in our weight issues. A deep buried (sub conscious) feeling of boredom and being of not much of use are the key factors for weight increment. These negative feelings make our energy level low and also make us feel bad. We suppress such feelings by compensating ourselves with calorie ridden foods. These foods give us a feel good feeling for some time before leaving us alone and craving for more of them. We can be little clever in handling this. Find out apart from your job and family what else makes you feel useful? It can be any activity of your choice. Indulge in that activity often. Weight goes down quickly when meaningfulness increases in life.

Working on these tips will be more helpful if you follow them without putting much logic in it, because our sub conscious mind is not analytical.