Along with the globalization, lot of life style diseases like obesity, insomnia and stress etc has increased in our lives. Life styles diseases can be handled only by making necessary changes in our life style. Now a day’s all the help is available for life style changes in different forms (for example gym, sports club, yoga centers etc.) All these are very helpful but the problem is that mankind finds it difficult to stick to a change in life style. People plan to have a healthy life style but very soon they go back to their old routine or patterns. As a wellness consultant I meet many people who share their stories that how enthusiastically they started going to gym and after a month it was stopped because of some unimportant reason.

People find it difficult to stick to life style changes because they do not consider their personality in mind while making the changes. We all have different personalities and it is important to keep them in mind while considering health or any important issues of life.

Life style changes include three major aspects, diet, sleep and exercise. If we are able to take care of these three aspects our life can be healthy, creative and meaningful. Let us see how our personalities can be helpful in adopting and maintaining changes for a healthy body.

ACTIVITY ORIENTED PERSONALITY: people belong to this personality type are very happy in participating in some activity weather in a group or even alone. For them the process is more important rather than people or events. They love to keep themselves busy and feel at home while engaged in doing something. They can make everlasting changes in their life styles by considering the process in mind. Participating in sports can be best form of exercise for them rather than joining gym or yoga. Proper planning of their meals helps them to make a positive change in their food habits because again it gives them the feeling of being in the process. To improve their sleep they can indulge in some light reading or watching any comedy serial before sleep.

PEOPLE ORIENTED PERSONALITY: People belong to this personality feel more connected with fellow humans. They are at their best among the people. Joining gym can bring best results for them because there they feel being a part of a group. Sticking to healthy food habits would be easier for them the more they share their food with others. Having meals with others keeps their minds settled. Such people have a high brain frequency, so for sleep improvements they can listen to some soothing instrumental music (specially flute) just before sleeping because it helps them keeping their brain frequency low at sleep time, which is essential for a good night sleep.

NATURE ORIENTED PERSONALITY: People belong to this personality type are very happy while out in nature. Nature, weather, sunrise and sunsets are very important for them. They are observers by nature and are generally not very outspoken. Brisk walk, cycling or swimming is best form of exercise for them. They can plan their exercise according to weather because it plays important role in their psychology. They can stick to their diet regime by opting for most of their foods in raw form. They are motivated by nature, so having a bed and bedding which is made of natural material will help them in sleeping well.

Our personality is our sub conscious programming. Going with its flow helps us keeping well without any struggle. It would be difficult if a nature oriented personality tries gym to keep fit. This will not last longer and it will have temporary effects.. Considering personality type is very important while making a change in lifestyle for permanently.