Addiction is a kind of dependency our mind seeks to calm down the inner conflicts. It works like a support system for us but unfortunately it creates bad effects on our physical and emotional health. Addictions creep up in life due to void in inner being. On conscious level everything seems to be fine but the void creates a conflict on a subtle level, addiction of any sort provides us solace from this conflict. In order to free our selves from addictions we need to recognize the void and be open to heal it.

Unknowingly and unintentionally we contribute in creating void when

  1. We operate from the space of insecurity which says either ‘ I AM THE BEST’ or ‘I AM THE WORST’
  2. Up to a large extent our needs and desires are based on experiences and judgments of other people and their own lives.
  3. We inherit too much of emotional baggage and patterns right from the time of our upbringing.
  4. When sub consciously we want to delay some urgent requirements (some actions or decisions) demanded by our life.
  5. We do everything from an insecure or needy space, means, we do not enjoy anything we do.
  6. We wear a mask to show happy face to the world.

Will power generally does not help much in case of addiction because it is a tool of our logical mind. Where as addictions stem out from our sub conscious mind which is not analytical, and far more powerful than our logical mind. We can handle the issues of addiction more scientifically by healing the voids of life.

It is all about willingness to have a better life. An integrated approach includes following :

  1. We can operate from a safe space which says ‘I AM UNIQUE’. It is all about self respect. By considering ourselves best or worst we inflict insecurity to us and then further seek comforts through various addictions.
  2. When our lives are based on experiences and judgment of others then our souls have no chance of expression in this world. It is like feeding an instant junk food to our souls. You can be open to others but after all it is your own life and expression of your uniqueness is a must.
  3. We carry a lot of patterns and emotional baggage from our childhood which dose not belong to us and is not helpful in our growth also. Children who grow up in unfriendly environment tend to have a pattern of anger or sadness and are vulnerable to have voids. By taking professional help one can handle these unwanted patterns.
  4. Teenagers who have a tendency of procrastination are more open to have voids and later on various addictions to handle these voids. Later on it becomes a habit.
  5. By being more involve in our life we can enjoy what we do and that provides us a safe space.