Insecurity is a state of mind which very slowly robs you of your true identity and creative expressions. Insecure people are far away from their originality and not at all in connection with self because all the ideas and images they harbor in mind are related to crises. Most of their thoughts, plans and actions contain a lot of room for real or imaginary emergencies and crises. Insecurity affects all three aspects of life, health, career and relationship. Generally we try to handle insecurity by working hard on surface level, for example making changes in our career, social status or finances. But making any changes on these levels does not yield results because the issue needs attention on root level. In fact, when we realize that it is just a state of mind and can be changed easily we open door for ourselves for a better life.

Experiences at early age and lack of observation are generally the reasons out of which insecurity creeps up. If you have experienced unpleasantness or witnessed somebody else’s struggle at early age then there are chances that your sub conscious become host to insecurity. Also, if you lack observation then further you strengthen this state of mind by closing all doors for a new programming which can make you feel comfortable.

If you lack the feeling of being settled in life, or, try to change your surroundings (job, workplace, friends etc) very often, or nothing gives you a feeling of fulfillment then may be (sometimes unknowingly) you are suffering from insecurity. Following tips might help:

  • Keep your focus on present rather than cribbing about past and worrying about future.
  • Make yourself aware of your usefulness (even on small level) for the society; it will increase your self-worth leaving less room for insecurity.
  • Practice a friendly routine which allows you to add value in your life on daily basis.
  • Try to read biographies of people who have contributed in the world.
  • Too much use of logical mind triggers insecure feelings in mind. Try to be moderate with logics.
  • Working on your lower chakras also helps in eliminating insecurity. Being out in open during sunsets stimulates lower chakras and helps you feel centered in life.
  • Controversial issues work as a fuel to insecurity so as much as possible be away from them.
  • You can further help yourself by developing little humor in life. It helps washing away negative feelings and keeps you grounded.