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Stress is root cause of many health problems, like digestive problems, insomnia and lack of energy. Generally most of us find cure in popping medicines and that means working only with the symptoms. There are techniques discussed and taught in this workshop that helps a person to identify the deep buried issues that can cause stress at present times. We all have had many instances, situations and incidences in life that on conscious level we have forgotten but, on deep level they all exist in form of subconscious memory. In order to lead a stress free life we need to address all these sub conscious memories. The workshop helps participants to overcome the basic cause of stress and helps lead a better life.


Inner child workshop is very helpful to everyone, especially those who are stuck in their career. Our sub conscious mind tends to work according to our childhood programming. All the feedback we received as a child makes this programming and it remains with us till we decide to make a change. Many times these feedbacks are not progressive in nature. For example, if someone listens word USELESS too many times in childhood then even if that child grows up to be a successful person there will be always this feeling of being useless. There will be no work satisfaction at all. In Inner child integration workshop we change the programming of sub conscious mind and that helps in manifesting a beautiful life.


Many of us go through ups and downs in our relationships. It is an important aspect of our Life. Weather it is getting stuck in a relationship or going through a bad break up, issues of relationships can drain us completely. There are many people out there who are not able to use their potential because they don’t like their home, neighbourhood and office environment and they are just not comfortable there. In relationship workshop we create a state of mind which helps these people to create a safe environment for them where they are happy with their relationships. According to the feedback of clients this workshops works very fast and there are instant results.


There are times when we get angry first, and then we seek the cause of the anger. In case if we are not able to find a proper cause of anger then we create one. In other words, we get angry without an apparent reason. Anger takes away our joy of life and causes serious damages to our personal and professional relationships. In this workshop different techniques will be taught so that participants can identify and address the real issues of anger and lead a peaceful life. These techniques are easy to earn and interesting to perform. Also, they have long lasting results. The workshop is designed in a way that it is useful for working/non working people. The practices mentioned and taught in the workshop is not time consuming.


Past life regression is very helpful in releasing fears and phobias. Sometimes in life we have issues which seem to come from nowhere. When we try to work on those issues we get more stuck. In such cases Past Life Regression helps a lot. In many cases participants/ clients were able to see their past lives clearly and in other cases they have very clearly felt their past lives. PLR helps in overall wellbeing of a person and also answers to the seekers. Fears, phobias and psychosomatic diseases like insomnia, migraine etc. can be healed through PLR. One can unfold the mystery of Déjà vu experiences and repeated dreams through PLR workshop.


Dynamic wheel of life is for you to experience and manifest emotional, mental, physical and spiritual wellness. The company promotes the idea of holistic approach towards life through Hypnotherapy, Counseling, Nuerolinguitic Programming, Angel Therapy, Chakra Healing, Sea Healing, and Elemental Healing.

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